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Diageo plant £10m Küferei

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Diageo plant £10m Küferei

Beitragvon scorpio » 14.04.2010, 22:04

Diageo is undertaking a £10 million project to build a new cooperage in Scotland.
The building will take place on the company's existing site at Cambus near Alloa and will operate alongside its existing facilities in Clackmannanshire.

The development of the site at Cambus is part of its major restructuring programme and comes on the back of the closure of its packaging plant in Kilmarnock, which sparked widespread protest last year over hundreds of job losses.

Diageo Scotland, managing director, Bryan Donaghey said the cooperage would be fully operational by the summer of 2011 and create around 70 jobs. He added: "The company's existing cooperage at Carsebridge is to close on completion of the new development and the 40 jobs we have there will transfer to Cambus. "As a business it is vital we remain globally competitive and developments like this play a fundamental role in securing the long-term sustainability of our operations in Scotland. "The new location provides better logistical benefits and allows us to further upgrade our operations." "It also reinforces the company's commitment to keeping alive and support the craft of coopering which remains an important element of whisky production.

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